Efektyvus dezinfekavimo sprendimai verslams


We present the new products SANI-BOOST, a series of spraying machines specifically suitable for disinfection or sanitization of outdoor environments or large buildings, such as civil or industrial buildings, large premises such as gyms, educational establishments, accommodation facilities, canteens, etc.

The SANI-BOOST line stand out for their ease of use, for low energy and water consumption and for the reduced dimensions that facilitate handling wherever there is a need to sanitize.

The SANI-BOOST are immediately operational by connecting only the electric current and the chosen solution, thus obtaining a powerful and effective spraying system.


The SANI-GATE system allows fast and continuous disinfection of people in access to hospital premises, nursing homes, supermarkets, airports, shops, industrial companies and any other place of passage of people.

It does not require any installation, it is self-supporting and powered by normal 220 V electric cable: it is therefore very fast even in laying on the ground and can be easily guarded. During the passage of people it is also possible to treat and sanitize the footwear by placing a mat of adequate length under the portal.

The automatic activation of SANI-GATE by photocell limits the consumption of disinfectant to the minimum necessary, avoids any contact between control staff and users, and is able to manage large flows of people..


The SANI-MOVE device is designed for the practical and simple sanitization of offices, shops and small/medium-sized premises.

SANI-MOVE is an easy to transport, easy to handle trolley, built with a structure entirely of stainless steel. The pressurised steel tank is placed on board the structure and has a capacity of 9 liters of sanitizing liquid (liquid not included). The built-in compressor ensures constant pressure for continuous use.

The tank is connected to the gun equipped with an ultrasonic atomization system that allows you to obtain drops of a few microns, perfect for the capillary and even distribution of sanitizing fluid.


SANI-ROOM is the ultrasonic sanitization and humidification system.

By introducing the sanitizing liquid into the tank, SANI-ROOM produces an ideal steam for the disinfection of medium/small indoor areas (hospital and hospice rooms, civil protection tents, small supermarkets, etc.). It is activated simply by pressing a button and is characterized by small noise and great autonomy.

It generates a fog that thanks to the action of a fan is channeled into the exit chimney and blown into the environment.

SANI-ROOM sanitisation is completed when the room is saturated with fog.

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